Kalahari :Miracle of the Underway in Botswana – Animals Flood in for Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Show

The Cheatah - Kalahari desert
The Cheatah - Kalahari desert

Kalahari :Miracle of the Underway in Botswana – Animals Flood in for Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Show

Every year at this time, nine billion liters of water traveling along the Kavango River in northern Botswana arrives at the impenetrable sands of the Kalahari and is forced to fan out into the desert. The arid sands become a magical world of lagoons, islands and water channels – heralding one of the greatest concentrations of birds and wildlife in the world.

Here lies the miraculous Okavango Delta. It is no wonder that the Okavango is where one of Africa’s most dedicated eco-tourism companies decided to set up camp many years ago. Wilderness Safaris manages nearly three million hectares of this pristine environment and its name has become synonymous with the concept of luxurious African safaris.

Animals Put on a Special Theatrical Performance for Visitors

The elegant and stylish accommodation is unsurpassed and every day brings another unique experience. In the Delta, the lives of human visitors become intertwined with the area’s wildlife. There are raised walkways connecting the camp’s impeccably furnished en-suite tents, ensuring that animals have the right of way. Each day brings a spellbinding performance, whether the spectacle of a majestic herd of elephant, the growl of a leopard or the thundering hooves of wildebeest.

No day begins without the orchestra of birds, nor ends without sharing stories around the campfire. And what a stage the drama is played out on; the concept of space becomes obsolete in the vast open plains of the Kalahari. The idea of wilderness is enshrined in the glorious mopane woodlands surrounding you. The sense of adventure is palpable amidst the snaking maze of crystal-clear waterways.

Elephant - Kalahari wildlife
Elephant – Kalahari wildlife

‘Eco Tourism the Most Sustainable Way of Protecting the Kalahari’

Whether you are gliding through by mokoro (canoe) or bumping along by jeep, you will not fail to marvel at one of the world’s great wilderness sanctuaries. As well as offering exceptional service, Wilderness Safaris has done much to help protect this environment. Since its early days, the company took the concept of Eco-tourism under its wing as the most sustainable means of ensuring the area’s protection. Its operations are always environmentally sensitive, the local community is always engaged and the land’s biological diversity is carefully managed.

Accommodation does not disappoint either, with camps available in two styles. Premier Camps boast the highest levels of luxury, with highly stylized architecture and all the comforts of home. Classic Camps, meanwhile, generally come in luxurious tents. All accommodation has views of the surrounding scenery.

The Cheatah, Kalahari desert
The Cheatah, Kalahari desert

Each camp has its own distinctive character, but whether it’s Abu Camp with its famous elephants, Duba Plains with its warring lion prides or the breathtaking scenery of Chitabe, reserve a front-row seat to witness a real-life miracle taking place.

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