Walvis Bay From Luderitz – Guided Namib Desert Tour Adventure

Walvis bay Sunset,Namibia

Walvis Bay From Luderitz – Guided Namib Desert Tour Adventure

For adventurous off-road enthusiasts seeking a holiday off the beaten track, the vast open spaces, stark beauty and often surreal landscapes the Namib desert offers amounts to an experience not to be missed. Six days of encountering no other traffic except for the convoy of vehicles traveling together will solve any city dweller’s quest to escape the hustle and bustle of urban traffic congestion.
The route from Luderitz to Walvis Bay takes participants through one of the oldest deserts in the world. The tour operator will lead members through the area known as “Spergebied 2” which stretches from 26 degrees latitude south (Gibraltar) to Walvis Bay.

The Lüderitz to Walvis Bay Tour

The tour departs from the picturesque seaside town of Lüderitz in the west of Namibia. Participants overnight at one of the guesthouses or hotels in Lüderitz or camp at one of the camping grounds on the night preceding the tour. The tour usually departs from the Obelix Village Guest House in Lüderitz after a shared breakfast.
Six day’s desert driving follows with visits to various historical sites, ghost towns, shipwrecks, abandoned mining operations and even an old whale factory. The tour ends on the sixth day at Walvis Bay where participants enjoy a last lunch at one of the local restaurants before everyone departs in their own direction.

Accommodation Offered During the LüderitzTo Walvis Bay Tour

Accommodation on the tour is limited to camping in the desert under the stars and participants must supply their own equipment. The tour operators provide a portable shower and a pit latrine, which is buried every night and taken with on departure the following morning.
The tour is fully catered with three meals provided every day together with coffee, tea or fruit juices.
Essential equipment includes:

– Four wheel drive vehicle with low range capabilities.
– Tire pump to deflate and inflate tires and an accurate tire pressure gauge.
– Recovery points on the front and rear of the vehicle. No recovery is done by utilizing the tow bar of a vehicle due to the inherent safety risks of the procedure.
-Sufficient fuel to cover the approximately 750 kilometers (468 miles) trip. Drivers must take into account that sand driving drastically increases fuel consumption and should allow for this during planning for the tour.
Spare parts for vehicles as no service stations are available in the desert and a breakdown could mean possible loss of the vehicle.

WALVIS Bay -Namibia
WALVIS Bay -Namibia

What To Take With On The Desert Tour

Every person participating in the tour must take at least the following:
• Enough drinking water for six days
• Enough water for showering and washing dishes
• Own camping equipment including cutlery and crockery
• Plastic bags for waste. No waste products may be left behind and everything taken into the desert must be carried out again.
• Snacks and drinks for personal use
• Toilet paper and matches for use during the day.
While no off-road driving experience is required to participate in the tour, it is advisable to have at least thorough knowledge of the capabilities of the vehicle used during the tour. Some of the dunes require an amount of skill, and bravery, to master and the tour, would be more enjoyable and relaxing when the participant has at least limited knowledge of driving in sandy conditions.
The tour operators, usually Coastways Tours are experienced desert drivers and always willing to assist and teach anyone how to handle the vehicle and make the most out of the tour. Driving through the unspoiled desert landscape is an experience no tour member would forget.

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