Dahab :WhenThe Red Sea Meets Desert In Egypt ,The Popular Tourist Attraction To Discover The Traditional Lifestyle


Dahab  :When The Red Sea Meets Desert In Egypt ,The Popular Tourist Attraction To Discover The Traditional Lifestyle.

Most people know Egypt for its Pyramides and typical tourist resorts along the shore of the Red Sea. Dahab provides an alternative for travelers who are looking for an experience with a difference. Originally a small Bedouin fishing village, It has evolved into a popular tourist destination over recent years and while the town now even has banks and health facilities it has yet managed to maintain its traditional lifestyle.

Activities in Dahab

Dahab is well known among the windsurfing community as it provides constant wind throughout the year. Water temperatures range between 26 and 29 degrees in summer, and never go below 18 degrees in winter. Numerous windsurfing stations offer courses for people of all levels. Guests can also hire equipment and storage facilities to exist for those who travel with their own equipment.

Other than windsurfing ,it is also perfect for diving and snorkeling. The Red Sea is known for its beautiful reefs and diverse under water world. Numerous diving centers exist which offer various courses and diving excursions.
For people who like to stay away from the water, Dahab is the perfect place to undertake desert safaris and guided tours, ranging from one day short trips to excursions to Oases that can stretch over a few days.

Dahab :When The Red Sea Meets Desert

Dahab :When The Red Sea Meets Desert


A reason why so many people fall in love with it, is the town’s unique lifestyle. First visitors to Dahab were mainly backpackers which results in the fact that today, Dahab presents itself as a mixture of Hippie and Bedouin culture. Although restaurants and shops have developed over recent years, the relaxed cushion restaurants still exist where guests sit on the floor and can enjoy the typical Egyptian water pipe called ‘Shisha’. Combining Egyptian bustling activity and the desert’s tranquility, Dahab provides a relaxed and at the same time stimulating atmosphere. Another part of Dahab’s attraction is that it combines the desert with the sea. The majestic mountains of the Sinai in the background and the blue waters of the Red Sea provide a unique landscape offering visitors the best of both worlds.

How to Get There

Various airlines fly to Sharm el-Sheikh which is the closest airport. Dahab is situated about an hour North of Sharm el-Sheikh. Best is to grab a taxi, otherwise, hotels usually organize pick ups from the airport for their guests. As in summer, the area can get extremely hot with temperatures up to 48 degrees, the best time to travel is September until May.

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