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Packing Tips for Africa Tours: Holiday Africa Travel Advice

Packing your camera to grave african memories
Packing your camera to grave african memories

Packing Tips for Africa Tours: Holiday Africa Travel Advice

When packing for a trip to Africa, make a travel packing list of things that are utilized on a normal daily basis and determine what is available at the destination. This includes factoring in the cost of buying these essentials there as well as ease of obtaining them. Here are some important things to take into account.

You will find for sure something to capture with your camera
Packing well so you enjoy your travel and don’t miss any capture.

Travel Clothes for African Safaris:

Pack comfortable clothing that allows the skin to breathe and cool down but is not too revealing due to the conservative culture in some African destinations. Ensure the travel clothes help to protect the skin from the sun during the day and from mosquitoes at night.
Pack a suitcase of clothing that does not show dirt easily as laundry services are not readily available and charges for these services are extremely high.
Make sure to pack sturdy shoes, preferably boots that are comfortable for walking and will not wear out easily. These may be quite expensive at the destination if the intent is to purchase them there.

Sanitation and Skin Care for Foreign Travel:

Africa is a sunny continent and it is vital to carry sunscreen to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the sun. Make sure to pack some rolls of tissue paper, soaps, and personal toiletries as not all destinations and facilities provide these.
To save on space when packing a suitcase, take out the cardboard roll in the middle of toilet rolls and flatten the tissue paper to reduce bulk for easier packing and to save on space. Keep a roll of tissue in a handbag or the side pocket of hand luggage for easy access when needed.

Sustainable Snacks and Water Purification Tablets:

Pack some favorite non-perishable snacks for late night hunger pangs when it may not be possible to get a snack. Many stores do not stay open at night and for those that do, given the security situation in some destinations, making late night shopping trips may not be a safe idea.
Finding clean bottled water in the more rural areas when vacationing in Africa may be challenging. Water purification tablets are handy when unsure about the source of water.

Electronics, Electrical Appliances and Travel Adaptors:

Pack a camera to capture the breathtaking and unforgettable place that is the African continent. It may be best to carry a smaller digital camera for ease of transport and safety. Camera with film is also a good backup for times when you may not be in a position to charge your digital camera if it runs out of battery power.
Carry hair dryers and shaving kits as these are not provided in many hotels and accommodation places. The electrical outlets in African countries have a different voltage. To avoid causing damage to electrical appliances, remember to pack an electrical travel adapter.

Medical Travel Advice:

For those on any kind of prescription medication, it is important to make sure an adequate supply for the trip is packed. Medications vary in different countries and generic brands found elsewhere may not work well for every individual. A basic first aid kit is also highly recommended.
When doing Africa tours in Malaria-prone countries, a trip to a travel clinic a few weeks prior to the travel dates is important. Carry Antimalarial drugs and get all the necessary vaccinations for the travel destination.
It is important to put extra thought into what needs to be packed for travel to Africa in order to avoid leaving behind essentials that may not be readily available at the destination. Brands for various personal use items also vary and they may not necessarily work out for everyone’s needs.

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