The Top Rated African Safari Countries

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African safari trips : Be always ready to be atonished

Taking theses African safari tours will give you one of the most memorable experiences and also bring you as close to the wild nature as you will ever be. You will get to see the Big five; lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffaloes.

Among the countries in which you may have the African safari tours would be Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Botswana. However, if you decide to try more countries and get to experience a less tedious safari, yet still visit a lot of places, probably the best part of the continent to visit is East Africa.

The Top-Rated Countries for African Safaris


In Tanzania you will have the chance to hike to the top of the spectacular Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa. You will also enjoy the safari through the Serengeti plains – a home to diverse wildlife. In addition, go along the Rufiji River on a boat safari for an amazing and memorable experience. The people of Tanzania are most hospitable and rich in culture. You will enrich your knowledge of the world by learning more about the traditions of the Masai people. It is good to note that the Masai are both in Kenya and Tanzania and thus you can get to interact with them on either country.

When the world is begging to be explored, Tanzania makes a grand rally point. It is the benchmark of African Safari Tours for the following reasons:

Tanzania is a safe, peace-loving country – European and American visitors take home this impression when they compare it to Switzerland. It has a long-standing reputation for calm and stability. The friendliness and warmth of the Tanzanian people is accorded throughout East Africa.
Tanzania is beautiful and interesting – Whether you sail along the shoreline of the Indian Ocean, or climb atop Mount Kilimanjaro, you will ponder people, places, and things begging to be explored.

Once you ponder all this beautiful land offers, you may decide that no other tours are necessary. That would be a mistake. Tanzania is only the benchmark from which to compare all the other African Safari Tours. To get the whole African Safari experience you need to ponder the stark beauty of the different landscapes, the rich and often intriguing culture of the different inhabitants; and, of course, the wildlife.


Botswana boasts Africa’s largest population of elephants as well as extensive herds of antelope, buffalo, and zebra. It is also a must visit spot of serious bird watchers. Africa’s top predators, including big cats, crocodiles, and hyenas, reside here.

Botswana also offers you a diverse safari experience. A game safari through the Okavango Delta will enable you to learn more and see the largest and most beautiful oasis in Africa. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous Kalahari Desert.


Kenya offers great family vacation plans. This includes activities for children including babysitting services. Parents can enjoy Kenya’s romantic hideaways. Newlyweds will find unforgettable honeymoon memories there too. Miles of enticing beaches salted with islands along the coastal Indian Ocean offer both safari adventures and pleasing landscapes in one tour package.

Kenya is one of Africa’s richest countries in terms of the diversity of wild life, beauty and culture. There are over forty game reserves and parks available for visit and you are assured to have an awesome and breathtaking experience. In addition, you will have the opportunity to witness the amazing wildlife migration across Masai Mara and Serengeti.

The beautiful flamingos at the Lake Nakuru are also a sight worth seeing. One of the most stunning sights in the country is the Great Rift Valley which was formed due to weak faults in the ground. Furthermore, you will get to take memorable photographs of the various spectacular attractions you are about to visit. For a relaxing and refreshing experience, visit Mombasa which is a coastal city of Kenya. Not only will you get to enjoy the beautiful beaches, but you will also have a tremendous learning experience about the city’s rich history. Interestingly, the city is one of the places where the ancient traders stopped during the slave trade. It is a great destination for your African safari tours.


Mozambique  prides itself in memorable tropical island vacations. Its wide mainland beaches provide easy access to swim the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Just offshore there are clusters of book end islands: the Bazaruto Archipelago lies to the south and the Quirimbas Archipelago near the Tanzanian border in the far north.

South Africa

South Africa is culturally diverse. It is home to many icons of African history including the late Nelson Mandela. It is also a land seething with beauty and adventure. From Cape Town in the South to Pretoria up North, South Africa offers insights into the eventful history and diverse culture of the Southern-most part of the African Continent. Best of all you can drive yourself from your beachfront lodging on the Garden Route to child-friendly lodges in the Eastern Cape’s Big 5 game reserves. Call it a motor safari. Or you can take a plane from your suite in a private Kruger reserve to experience the exclusive boutique hotels of Cape Town.

The next time you are pondering travels around the world, ask yourself if you want to relax in luxury; experience fading natural beauty or just have the adventure of your lifetime. African Safari Tours meet all of these expectations and perhaps a few you did not expect.


Uganda is a great tourist destination as it offers a wide range of adventures to take. In addition to that, it has a network of ten national parks where you may enjoy game drives and get close to the wild animals such as the mountain gorilla. And that assures a thrilling lifetime experience. Moreover, you have a chance to take part at the game fishing and white water rafting along River Nile’s water source. The elephants, antelopes and buffaloes in the Savannah are also sure to mesmerize you.

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